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  1. Please note that DUREF reserves the right to decide the final amount of assistance based on the documentation submitted or to reject an application that does not meet the requirements.
  2. Only DDK Stakeholders that have expertise and understanding of utilization of Global Exchanger for liquidating purposes are allowed and eligible for this assistance.
  3. The documentation submitted must be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
  4. Decision made by DUREF together with DDK Foundation is final and binding.
  5. To your knowledge, in case you don’t receive this email in your ‘Inbox’, please check the ‘Spam’ section in your email.
Email Address
DDK Address
Full Name(As Per Passport/IC)
Country Of Residence
Phone Number
Home Postal Code
Home Address
Please make sure that you are a DDK Stakeholder and have ample knowledge on how to use the DDK Platform and utilize DDKOINs.
You must also have complete understanding on how to use the Global Exchanges and how to trade and withdraw cryptos.
Do you fulfill all the above requirements?
(Note: If you answer 'NO' we will not be able to process your application.)
Types of problems you faced during COVID-19 outbreak?

Passport or Country Identity Card
Screenshot of DDK Address together with QR Code
For those who work (Income slips / Income confirmations (for those who are still working) / Confirmations of termination or are deducted without pay or reduced monthly)
For Businesses / Small Traders (Business License / Business Rental Receipts or other documents proving income)
For applicants warded on COVID-19 (Provide a Hospital Leave Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) / General Hospital (GH) authorized to treat Covid-19)
Others document to support your application of this relief fund

DDK supply REACH 45 Million