DDK DPOS with ready decentralized autonomous community provide you the ease of financial services including exchange and rewards in Blockchain. Always check the nodes stability before making any transactions from following link:


DDK is a community platform aiming to create economic opportunities through the development of blockchain solutions. Since 2015, our community has enthusiastically contributed to a number of blockchain platforms including Universal Blockchain Wallet (UBW), Blockchains.My (BCMY), Blockchains.My Merchant Application, BCMY NFC Smart Card and DinarCoin (DNC). The community network has actively spread across a number of countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Yemen, USA and other countries worldwide. Presently, our community has 46 leading teams. DDK platform is an another venture of our amazing team which uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus as a core of its blockchain platform. One of the major advantages of a DPoS blockchain is that it depends on community members to participate in the maintenance and security of the platform in a way that each member’s participation provides benefit for all. Through DDK platform, our objective is to provide economic opportunity for our community members and continue to innovate and contribute to build blockchain solutions.

THE Platform

DDK platform with its innovative concept, facilitates its users with creating opportunities for supporting economic growth.

  • Creating opportunities for supporting economic growth
  • Faster and efficient transactions
  • Global exchanger
  • High security
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through DPoS
  • Distributed database through delegates (Block Producer)
  • Suitable for micro payments


High Level




Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is a democratic, fastest, most efficient, and most flexible consensus model available. DPoS leverages the power of stakeholders’ voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way.


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Every user on the platform having DDKoins as an important role by staking DDKoins, voting for the block producers.

A delegate is a democratically elected stakeholder who is given the trusted position to process and manage transactions on the DDK platform.

This platform is a community forum which can discuss and get update the stakeholders interested in becoming delegates can post their campaigns to encourage the DDK community to vote for them.

For contributing in the security and productivity of the platform, DDK incentivizes its community members with multiple types of rewards including staking rewards and airdrop rewards etc.

DDK charges some percentage amount as fee against every transaction from both the stakeholders respectively.



Created using LISK technology using Delegated proof of stake (DPOS)


Based on market demand and supply and created in LISK

Coin market cap

Will be listed in CMC as Cryptocurrency


DDK Desktop Wallet


Through Global Exchanger and peer to peer transfer


Existing from active users (ETPS)
Pending ETPS group bonus
Airdrop Rewards
DDK Foundation
Reserved in Global Exchanger
Staking rewards
No Allocation DDK Amount Percentage (%)
1 Existing from active users (ETPS) 1710000 3.80
2 Pending ETPS group bonus 360000 0.80
3 Airdrop Rewards 900000 2.00
4 DDK Foundation 450000 1.00
5 Reserved in Global Exchanger 450000 1.00
6 Staking rewards 41130000 91.4



Delegates are the people who need to verify the transactions conducted by the community. All stakeholders are able to become delegates as there is no limit, but only the top 201 will validate the transactions and get mining reward democratically.


Earn a percentage for every transaction made by user.

How to become delegates?

The stakeholders need to setup up their own node (Personal Computer).

The stakeholder need to register as a delegate (must have more than 10 DDKoin in account. 10 DDKoin will be deducted for registration fee).

The registered stakeholder now need to run campaign to gain votes from the community.



DDK uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain for its platform. The community members have a democratic voice in deciding who is responsible for processing and managing transactions on the platform. This is done using a unique voting system to achieve consensus - the process of verifying that transaction data is valid based on the general agreement of the trust-elected network
In Global exchangers that is registered.
By default, every DDK user on the platform, staking DDKoin in their account, is a stakeholder. Stakeholders participate on the platform by voting for delegates. In return for voting, stakeholders are rewarded DDKoins because their participation helps in securing the network.
- Stacking DDKoin
- Participation in the governance and voting of the block producer.
Based on the outcome of the voting process, a stakeholder can become a delegate. A delegate is a democratically-elected stakeholder who is given the trusted position to process and manage transactions on the DDK platform. In return for processing transactions, the delegate is rewarded DDKoin(s) because his participation, as delegate, provides the operation (validate and create block) and record of transactions. Delegates digitally sign the transactions on the network. They, (like default stakeholders) also provide security to the network by operating as trusted delegates to process transactions.
For delegate registration, the stakeholder must submit a fee of 10 DDKoins.
-A candidate willing to become a delegate must run a campaign through which they pitch their idea based on their creativity to gain voting from stakeholders.
-Delegate must keeping and maintaining their node(s) running
User can use the DDKoin for staking by clicking the "Staking" button in the DDK platform
User can transfer their DDKoin by using their DDK wallet address
The fees will go to delegates for validating the transaction.
● Keeping and maintaining own node(s) running ● Collecting transactions across the network into blocks. ● Processing and validating transactions
a. Un-mined
        i. Staking
b. Pre-mined
        i. Airdrop
                1. Direct referral
                2. Chain
                3. Presidents
        ii. Delegate
Register Forum Account > Choose Delegate Category > Start Campaign
Delegated Proof of Stake is a fast, secure, and relatively cost-efficient consensus mechanism than other existing algorithms like Proof of Work and Proof of Stake as it does not require very high computational power and the mining opportunity depends on the number of votes for the miners from stakeholders. In terms of reward incentives, DPoS incentivize the miners with the transaction fees on validation and block reward on block generation. Unlike DPoS, in PoW, the miner gets reward on block generation while in PoS, the miners only get the block’s pooled transaction fees.

In DPoS, those who hold the network token are given the opportunity to cast votes to elect block producers. For selecting the block producers, the votes from the stakeholders are weighted by the stakeholder’s stake, and the block producer candidates who receive the most votes are those who become delegates. The delegates are the community members who validate the transactions and add them to the block. On block creation, the delegates get reward. While there are problems with both democracy and corporate governance, one important feature of DPoS that sets it apart from other consensus mechanisms is the open-source nature of these protocols which means that if users disagree, they can fork. The flexible and transparent nature of DPoS makes it useable for entire blockchains or as a consensus algorithm for sidechains, private blockchains, and more. In addition to this, the lower fees, fast confirmations and the potential for increased profitability make the DPoS a perfect democratic consensus mechanism.
Yes, user can make as many contracts as they want.
It depends on the delegates effort in promoting their campaigns to earn the voting. If the delegates want more vote they need and have to fulfill their promise.
How much do I earn from referral reward? 10% from referral staked amount with DDK allocation of 2% of 45 Million DDKoin (Pre-mined for Airdrop Rewards)
How much do I earn from chain referral? 15 level with the total of 20% with DDK allocation of 2% of 45 Million DDKoin (Pre-mined for Airdrop Rewards)
How do I get a President award? These are achievement rewards that we give to community members for recognition and appreciation for their dedicated commitment to the DDK community.
Is there a minimum amount of DDKoins during transfer? The minimum amount of DDKoins that can be transferred through one transaction is 0.0001 DDKoins and the transaction fee that will be charged on transacting 0.0001 DDKoins is, 0.00000001 DDKoin.
In POW & POS anyone with mining capability (POW) can join. Anyone with monetary capital may join POS. The difference with DPOS, regardless of capital, one can submit blocks if elected to do so. In DDK, delegates can campaign in forums and convince stakeholders to vote and earn rewards. It depends on the community members to participate in the maintenance, security and growth of the platform. Members’ participation is vital for the benefit of all.
Absolutely, all assets and pending transfers will be available once DDK is live.
All the DNC balance will be auto converting into DDK
    - Staking Rewards (10% on the 1st year and decrease by 2% every 6 months after 1 year). Need to complete 4 times voting in a month.
    - Airdrop Rewards (Direct Referral – 10%, Chain Referral - 15 level with the total of 20%, President Award - 5 tier recognition award)
Delegate rewards (please see table):
DDK is using LISK technology, a decentralized network using javascript and consensus protocols. Site here:
Gains earning via delegate voting
When stakeholders are applying to become a delegate, they have to get themselves registered first by submitting a registration fee of 10 DDKoin (diagram below of delegate registration process)
Yes. Table below is the stakeholder fees
First of all, delegate/s will be a stakeholder first and must pay a registration fee of 10 DDKoin to be a delegate. His/her campaign also in forum will make a big difference. You may see a delegate’s articles, success rate, the benefits he/she is willing to share to voters, etc. The community forum will have this info.
If the number of votes for two candidates is equal, then the decision takes place with the amount of stake the voter accounts hold - weight of vote. This makes the DDK DPoS consensus mechanism more efficient because the vote count is considered prior to the vote weight.
Yes! Stakeholders may un-vote delegates with fees imposed.
Total DDKoin = 45 million
Please visit our site: and forum discussion at

DDK supply REACH 45 Million