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Dear stakeholders,

Trusted Delegates has officially graduated on the 19th Oct 2019 during the International Blockchain Symposium (IBS) 2.0 graduation ceremony. Trusted Delegate(s) (TD) was appointed by DDK Management to be delegates in the DDK Platform. Trusted Delegate is bound by an agreement with the company and is required and monitored to follow the direction that was set by the company to support the DDK ecosystem. After a year being with us through thick and thin, we would like to thank to all TD that has work together with the management in expanding the DDK platform and ecosystem that we have achieve today.

Herewith this graduation, the exclusive contractual relationship between TD and the company have come to the end. As DDK is now a fully 100% decentralized Open-Source project, please be aware that any activities, events & marketing organize by any parties, other than the management is under TD own initiatives. It is advisable for users or Stakeholders to do due diligence before taking part in any of open market promotion. DDK Foundation will NOT be liable of any representation which are not aligned with the DDK official whitepaper and official media channel.

DDK management team would like to congratulate all Trusted Delegates and we wish the best for the next adventure. Despite having to work independently, we hope that Trusted Delegates will continue to do their best for DDK platform and its community.

For any assistance related to DDK Delegates technical support, please click the link provided - DDK Delegates Support to communicate directly with the developers. You acknowledge herewith that your engagement with developers is solely made under your responsibility as this is an Open-Source Blockchain platform.


DDK Management Team